It Pays To Play With Us At Urbanscapes 2017!

It Pays To Play With Us At Urbanscapes 2017!

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For the 2017 edition of Urbanscapes, we charted a gastronomic adventure across Chinatown, but we weren’t contend to stop there!


We decided to install a little pop-up joint at Urbanscapes House at 2, Jalan Hang Kasturi. Situated on the ground floor is a little white box with red cubby holes that we call Play.


Working together with the innovative multi-disciplinary agency, POW IDEAS, we took inspiration from the functional vending machine, and incorporated some fun for a unique dining experience.


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On the menu is Japanese fusion fare from The Bowls that includes hearty bites like Chicken Karaage Nasi Lemak, Kari Ayam Don, Chicken Chashu Nasi Lemak, and Kari Ayam Ramen.


Via hatches, you pick and pay for your food and drinks, akin to the slots found in vending machine.


But the final meal you pick up will only be decided upon pressing the red 15-second Play timer.


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For a quarter of a minute, your mind and hands will be racing as you try to find as many matching coloured pegs in the red cubby holes.


Whatever pairs found will be exchanged for bonus premium toppings that will be added to your final pick up dish.


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It’s a celebration of food and fun best experienced in person, so join us at the Urbanscapes House, where it pays to Play!


Date: 5 – 21 May 2017 (closed on Mondays)

Time: 11am to 8pm

Venue: Ground Floor, Urbanscapes House

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