Rediscover Chinatown Chowdown Part 2!

Rediscover Chinatown Chowdown Part 2!

You might have already read seven reasons why Chinatown is the place to be at on 6 and 7 May. With a wide range of Urbanscapes-exclusive fare that are just ready to be tasted, Chinatown Chowdown is our labour of love to help you #REDISCOVERKL.


Here are seven more gems in the heart of the city and additional Urbanscapes-crafted delights to enrich the soul!


Chocha Foodstore




If a shared love of food and drink is cause for people to come together, Chocha believes in enhancing the experience by creating a communal dining experience. Chow down on their specially-crafted chicken yakitori made with turmeric creamwhile meeting a new friend or two!


LOKL Coffee Co




Priding itself on being authentically local, LOKL Coffee Co can always be counted on to serve delicious hot coffee and a hearty menu. Lookout for The Urbanscapes Burger, charred 48 hour smoked brisket doused in barbecue sauce served on a brioche bun, that is their unique take on the event.






Chinatown’s favourite speakeasy is bringing two new drinks out to play during the Urbanscapes weekend. Playing to their strengths of infusing Southeast Asian flavours in their cocktails, The Red Fall is a zesty vodka-based drink with, spicy mango, pomegranate and lemon bitters, while the Noble Mango is a rich rum and DOM Benedictine-based mango puree, egg yolk and tiki bitters drink.


On 6 May from 9pm onwards, witness the Petaling Street Warriors, a cocktail showdown between PS150’s own Angel Ng and guest bartender 28 Hong Kong Street Bar’s, Charmain Thio.


Cafe Etc.




Get ready to taste Latte in Cone, a locally roasted coffee served up in an ice cream cone. This Urbanscapes-only offering is a great representation of Cafe Etc.’s penchant to pair western trends with local inflections.


They will also be hosting a Black & White Film Processing Workshop over the weekend between 10am – 2pm. This workshop is great if for those new to film processing, as well as a great refresher course for those who have done it before. Learn more about it here.


Old China Cafe




Dressed to the nines in the grandeur of yesteryears, Old China Cafe utilises a vintage theme rather holistically in their menu as well. With their hearty servings of Peranakan food, which features Malay spices and Chinese ingredients, first-time eaters will enjoy the fusion of flavours, while those familiar will enjoy a good reminder of home.


Aku Cafe & Gallery




Tucked away above a historic Chinese association building on Jalan Panggong, this cozy spot is a welcomed respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. Although Aku Cafe & Galley does not have an Urbanscapes-exclusive item, it’s a participating outlet in our Tiffin Stamp treasure hunt, so definitely reason to pop by, relax and have a good cup of coffee!


Yum Cha Cafe




Aptly named Yum Cha, which means ‘drink tea’ in Cantonese, Yum Cha Café serves an array of very affordable quality tea, coffee and a good mix between western and local cuisine.


Be sure to pencil in Chinatown Chowdown happening 6-7 May for a unique gastronomic way to explore the city!


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