The Return Of Tiffin Throwdown

The Return Of Tiffin Throwdown

With the Klang Valley’s rising interesting in clean eating, it’s no wonder that the cold-pressed juices and salad bars have paved the way for the latest healthy trend in town – poke bowls!




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In little colourful bowls, the Hawaiian staple has filled the hungry stomachs and curated Instagram feeds of local foodies. But what is it exactly?


Poking Briefly Into Its History


Pronounced “POH-keh”, which is a Hawaiian term for “to cut crosswise in pieces”, this healthy dish is essentially a raw fish salad. It originated from local fishermen who wanted to make a snack from their catch. Seasoning cut-offs and pairing them with fresh produce, the simple poke bowl was born.



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Traditional forms of poke uses tuna or octopus as the main meat. Today’s poke are more likely to offer variations of salmon, shrimp, tuna, vegetarian-friendly tofu or even chicken.Usually served by itself or over a rice base, the poke is then rounded out with Asian-inspired seasonings, such as soy sauce, sesame dressing, furikake, fish eggs or seaweed.

Easy to assemble and bursting with fresh flavours? It’s no wonder, the poke phenomenon was so quickly embraced all over the world!


Malaysia’s Take On The Poke


Since its arrivals to our shores, the poke bowl has been updated and infused with local touches. For starters, many poke vendors like Kurin and Paperfish offer the ability to DIY your own bowl.




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Diners begin with the choice of a rice or salad base, and even the option of a poke burrito wrap. Next comes the sides, which can include local fruits like mangoes or Japanese-fusion fare like edamame.


The poke is then included with a sauce of choice. While shoyu and sesame are classics retained from the original poke, outlets like The Fish Bowl have experimented with a sriracha and kaffir lime finish.


The result is a twist on the Hawaiian classic, but without compromising freshness of ingredients and the clean eating factor.


Enter The Poke Bowl Battle Arena


At Urbanscapes 2017, eight of the freshest poke bowl makers in the Klang Valley will be battling it out for the awards of Judges’ Pick and Public’s Choice at the Tiffin Throwdown. At stake is a cash prize of RM3,000 per award, and of course, unlimited bragging rights.


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Here are the outlets that will be fishing their best bowls out:






Poké Bear

Sushi + Rotary Sushi Bar Malaysia

The Bowls 

The Fish Bowl


On the judging panel are noted tastemakers who bring to the table a diverse palate: So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia 2008 winner Cecilia Yong; friendly TV Host / writer JayDee Lok; cooking host on Asian Food Channel Ili SulaimanmyBurgerLab co-founder Renyi Chin and the inaugural Tiffin Throwdown burger challenge winner; as well as the multitalented Jeremy Teo.


Ili will be on high alert for artificial flavour enhancers in poke bowls, given her MSG allergy, while both JayDee and Jeremy will be pleasantly surprised if local vegetable petai was incorporated into the competition. For Cecilia’s spicy tastebuds, a sambal-infused poke sauce will blow her mind away!


Come catch the action, as well as play judge by picking YOUR favourite poke bowl maker at the Tiffin Throwdown!


Date: Saturday, 20 May, 12pm till 3pm (ticketed)*

Ticket: RM65 (includes taster-sized portions from all participating vendors)

Venue: Ground Floor, Urbanscapes House, 2 Hang Kasturi

Ticket link:


*3pm to 10pm – open to public and all poke bowls will be available for individual purchase

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